Hop on board our big green bus

Have you seen our green buses in your town? Michelle Smith from Macmillan’s Mobile Information Support Service explains what visitors to the bus can expect when they hop on board.

You haven’t heard of Macmillan Cancer Support’s Mobile Information Service? Many people haven’t yet last year alone we reached over 70,000 people across the UK.

Photo 2015-03-18 02.49.11 PM

There are four bright green buses that travel the UK and Wales is served by two of the buses , Bertie and Betty (yes, they have names!)

Each bus is staffed by a team of specialists from a variety of backgrounds working alongside those affected by cancer. My own background is in Palliative Care as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

The attraction of the mobile information service is that we operate an anonymous, free, confidential service and no appointment is necessary. We invite any questions that a person might have about cancer, whether it relates to themselves or someone they care about.


We work very closely with our colleagues in Wales to ensure that we are delivering a service that provides the best reach that we can. As well as having the buses in town centres, we attend several shows including The Pembrokeshire Show and The Anglesey Show.

Our favourite annual event in Wales is always the Royal Welsh Show. We have the most wonderful support, and interest in the services that Macmillan Cancer Support provides across Wales could not be more positive.


We get a wide variety of questions that relate to the physical, emotional, financial, practical and social aspects of cancer. We want to make sure that no one faces cancer alone and we aim to ensure that every visitor to the mobile service leave the unit with information that will allow them to feel that they have either had their question answered effectively or they have the details required to access more ongoing support.

The mobile team change location on a daily basis and details of our visits can be found on the main Macmillan Cancer Support website http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Aboutus/ContactUs/MobileInformationCentrelocations.aspx





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