Meet the Winners of the Macmillan Volunteering Awards in Wales

Lowri Parsons from Pontyclun, the Macmillan Merthyr Fundraising Committee and Audrey Gratton from Briton Ferry received awards at the Macmillan Volunteer Thank You Event at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales on Sunday 4 June.

The awards are given in recognition of supporters who demonstrate going above and beyond to contribute to Macmillan through activities such as fundraising and raising awareness.

We spoke to all three winners to find out more about their fantastic fundraising efforts and how they felt about winning the award.

Lowri, who lives in Pencoed, became a Macmillan supporter after her Grandad had been diagnosed with lung cancer and her Nana became a member of the Pontyclun and District Fundraising Group.

Lowri has taken part in lots of different events including dressing as the Macmillan mascot, Muggy, at a local fete, recruiting walkers to the Llantrisant Walk and organising her own coffee morning which raised £450.Lowri with her award in garden smaller res

On hearing that she had won the award, Lowri said: “I was very happy when I found out I’d won the award!

“Even if I hadn’t won, I’d still have been happy to have been chosen to take part.

“I started fundraising when my Nan started, and then my Mum and Stepdad joined in and I just wanted to help out.

“I really liked being Muggy, that was really fun and has been my favourite activity so far.”

The Merthyr Fundraising Committee won the Committee Award in recognition of teamwork, inspiring others, achieving outstanding fundraising success.

The committee hosts an entire calendar of diverse events and collections, including luncheons, quiz nights, coffee morning and agricultural shows.

In 2016, the group organised a fashion show with John Lewis which was supported by Jeff Banks and Only Men Aloud and attracted over 700 people.

To date, the committee have raised a staggering £765,356. Many members have had their own experiences of cancer and come together as a team to maximise fundraising and enable more people in the community to get involved and learn more about Macmillan.

The Merthyr Committee with award smaller res

On hearing the committee had won the award, Alison Lewis, Chair of the Committee, said: “We are so proud that this award has been given to the Merthyr Tydfil committee and would like to attribute it to the people of the area.

“It’s a very caring and generous community and people who haven’t got an awful lot always contribute.

“We try our best to involve different people in the community and if there’s any opportunity, we take it.”

Audrey Gratton was a founding member of the Briton Ferry and Neath Macmillan Fundraising Committee when it was formed 45 years ago and received the Sir Hugh Dundas Volunteer of the Year Award.

At 93 years, Audrey is as active and enthusiastic as ever and is always ready to volunteer at events and collections, including the monthly coffee mornings.

On hearing that she had won the award, Audrey said: “I was astounded when I found out I had won, I didn’t expect it.

“I lost my daughter at a young age to ovarian cancer and my father and grandmother also had cancer.

“We started the committee as close friends and found people in the community were very supportive, and it grew from there.”

whole room clapping smaller res

Well done to our winners and a big thank you to all our volunteers for your dedicated support and fantastic fundraising efforts.


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