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Making a splash! Lucy takes on open-water swim challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

02 Lucy Blayney, aged 6, with her nan Shirley Blayney

Lucy aged six with her nan Shirley

For many people, the idea of swimming over two miles in open water gives them the shivers but not Macmillan Cancer Support fundraiser Lucy Blayney.

Twenty-seven-year-old Lucy from Pembroke is taking on The Wales Swim Long Course, a 2.4 mile swim in Tenby in July, to raise funds for the cancer charity that supported her grandmother who was diagnosed with bone cancer in cancer in May 2017.

01 Lucy Blayney

Lucy Blayney

Lucy’s nan, Shirley Blayney sadly died in December 2017 but such was the impact that Macmillan had by providing emotional and practical support to the family during her nan’s cancer treatment, that Lucy vowed to fundraise for the charity as a way of saying thank you.

Lucy started her training in indoor swimming pools in January but now the sea is warmer Lucy is taking her first dip in the open water.

Speaking about training for this challenge, Lucy, said: “I have always loved swimming and I am pretty quick! I’ve never swam open water but I did spend most of my childhood in the sea at the local beaches.

“Tenby is gorgeous and I have been lucky enough to live five miles away! The sea does not scare me and I am so looking forward to the challenge.

“To anyone thinking of fundraising I’d say don’t let anyone put you down, and keep going! It’s an amazing feeling when someone donates and believes in you. A doctor has said to me earlier this year that she thought a girl my size wouldn’t be able to do the Long Course. I’m only a size 16! And I thought to myself you’re wrong! She doesn’t know the reasons why I am determined to complete this challenge.”

03 Lucy Blayney tshirt and swimming capSue Reece, Macmillan Fundraising Manager for Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, said: “We really appreciate Lucy giving her time to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support to help people in Wales affected by cancer. This is no easy challenge but Lucy’s determination to finish the course is very clear.

“Lucy’s nan, and her family, received support from Macmillan at her home and at both Glangwili and Withybush hospitals. It’s so important for our rural communities that Macmillan can be there to support people with cancer.

“Macmillan is 98 per cent funded by donations and we can only do what we do because people like Lucy give their time to raise money for us.”

Anyone wishing to support Lucy can donate to her Just Giving page at

If you’ve been inspired to take on a challenge then visit the Macmillan Cancer Support website at and search for fundraising events.

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Mentro i’r môr! Lucy yn herio’i hun i nofio mewn dŵr agored er mwyn codi arian i Gymorth Canser Macmillan

02 Lucy Blayney, aged 6, with her nan Shirley BlayneyByddai’r syniad o nofio dros ddwy filltir mewn dŵr agored yn codi ias ar lawer o bobl, ond nid felly y mae hi i Lucy Blayney, sy’n codi arian i Gymorth Canser Macmillan.

Bydd Lucy o Benfro, sy’n 27 oed, yn nofio 2.4 milltir yn Ninbych-y-pysgod ym mis Gorffennaf, yn rhan o Gwrs Hir y Wales Swim, er mwyn codi arian i’r elusen ganser a roddodd gefnogaeth i’w mam-gu pan gafodd ddiagnosis o ganser yr esgyrn ym mis Mai 2017.

Yn drist iawn, bu mam-gu Lucy, Shirley Blayney, farw ym mis Rhagfyr 2017, ond roedd

01 Lucy Blayney

Lucy Blayney

Macmillan wedi cael cymaint o effaith drwy roi cymorth emosiynol ac ymarferol i’r teulu yn ystod triniaeth ei mam-gu am ganser fel bod Lucy wedi addo codi arian i’r elusen fel ffordd o ddweud diolch.

Dechreuodd Lucy ymarfer mewn pyllau nofio dan do ym mis Ionawr, ond gan fod y môr fymryn cynhesach erbyn hyn mae hi bellach yn mentro i’r dŵr agored am y tro cyntaf.

Wrth sôn am ymarfer ar gyfer yr her hon, dywedodd Lucy: “Rydw i wastad wedi caru nofio ac rwy’n gallu nofio’n eithaf cyflym! Dydw i erioed wedi nofio mewn dŵr agored, ond fe dreuliais i’r rhan fwyaf o’m plentyndod ar y traethau lleol ac yn y môr.

“Mae Dinbych-y-pysgod yn fendigedig ac rwyf wedi bod yn ddigon ffodus i fyw bum milltir i ffwrdd! Dyw’r môr ddim yn codi ofn arnaf fi ac felly rwy’n edrych ymlaen yn arw at yr her.

“I unrhyw un sy’n ystyried codi arian, byddwn i’n dweud wrthynt beidio â gadael i neb eu tanseilio, ac i ddal ati! Mae’n deimlad gwych pan fydd rhywun yn credu ynoch chi ac yn cyfrannu arian. Dywedodd meddyg wrthyf yn gynharach eleni nad oedd hi’n meddwl y gallai merch o’m maint i wneud y Cwrs Hir. Dim ond maint 16 ydw i! Ac fe ddywedais i wrthyf fi fy hun ei bod hi’n anghywir! Dyw hi ddim yn ymwybodol o’r rhesymau pam rydw i’n benderfynol o gwblhau’r her yma.”

03 Lucy Blayney tshirt and swimming cap

Yn ôl Sue Reece, Rheolwr Codi Arian Macmillan ar gyfer Sir Benfro, Sir Gaerfyrddin a Cheredigion: “Rydyn ni’n wirioneddol ddiolchgar fod Lucy’n rhoi o’i hamser i godi arian i Gymorth Canser Macmillan er mwyn cynorthwyo pobl yng Nghymru y mae canser yn effeithio arnynt. Nid yw hon yn her hawdd o gwbl, ond mae penderfyniad Lucy i’w chwblhau yn amlwg.

“Cafodd mam-gu Lucy, a’i theulu, gymorth gan Macmillan gartref ac yn ysbytai Glangwili a Llwynhelyg. Mae’n holl bwysig i’n cymunedau gwledig fod Macmillan yn gallu bod yno i gynorthwyo pobl sydd â chanser.

“Daw 98 y cant o nawdd Macmillan o gyfraniadau a dim ond oherwydd bod pobl fel Lucy yn rhoi o’u hamser i godi arian i ni y gallwn wneud yr hyn rydyn ni’n ei wneud.”

Gall unrhyw un sydd eisiau cefnogi Lucy gyfrannu at ei thudalen Just Giving ar

Os ydych chi wedi cael eich ysbrydoli i fentro cyflawni eich her eich hun, ewch i wefan Cymorth Canser Macmillan ar a chwilio am ddigwyddiadau codi arian.

Q & A with Muggy runner Fay Sharpe

Did you spot Muggy and the Muggettes at the Cardiff Half Marathon? Inside the suit was Fay Sharpe who ran the 13-mile course inside Muggy. We caught up with Fay to find out a little more about her marathon effort!


You have been running for 30 years, so you are very fit and very experienced but what are the particular challenges of running as Muggy?

It is very hot running in Muggy. Vision is limited to directly in front of you – hence the need for my wonderful Mugettes to act as my spare pair of eyes & ears.

Drinking is an issue unless you remember to bring a straw as there is not enough room to tip up a bottle inside Muggy. Running as Muggy takes a long time – mainly because the spectators are so brilliant and they all want to shake Muggy’s hand, give a high five, drop money in our buckets and sometimes even want Muggy to pose for pictures (which he always does obviously for a small donation)

This is your first Cardiff Half Marathon running as Muggy, and this year he is being joined by the Muggettes. Tell me about Muggy’s helpers? What will they being doing on the day to help Muggy raise money?

The Mugettes are amazing! They do all the hard work – they look after Muggy doing everything from being spare ears & eyes, warning other runners to be careful around Muggy, and also making sure Muggy has enough food and drink. They carry the buckets which can become very heavy in just a few miles. They motivate the crowd to shout for Muggy, they smile at EVERYONE (Muggy does too but people can’t see me smiling from inside Muggy) and all of this whilst running the whole distance with Muggy and also picking up any struggling runners on route and getting them to join Muggy and the Mugettes to the finish line.

Have you set yourself a goal in terms of time or amount raised on the day?

We are assuming about three hours but don’t really care how long it takes us as long as we get to the pub afterwards in time for some lunch and a well earned drink before our bus leaves Cardiff at 5pm to come home to Swansea.

My target from fundraising we have already done and collections on the day is £1500. If we manage to raise this amount, Muggy and the Mugettes will be laughing all the way to the bank and back again.

You’ve been raising money for Macmillan for a good few years now can you tell me why?

I know it is a cliche but everyone DOES know someone affected by cancer. I began volunteering for Macmillan when I retired in 2009 as I wanted to give something back by working for a Charity one day a week. I have always run so when the opportunity arose to run Swansea Bay 10K as Muggy several years ago and try to raise some money for Macmillan, I jumped at the chance. Muggy has now done Swansea 10K lots of times and so this year felt we needed to “up the anti”. We decided  as a team to give Cardiff Half Marathon a go. Twice the distance, twice as many Mugettes needed and so we are hoping to raise at least twice the money (our previous best was approximately £600)


If people would like to support your fantastic effort, where can they sponsor you?

You can still donate on line at our Justgiving page :

You are a very experienced runner and obviously adore it, what would suggest to someone who was thinking of taking it up?

Run because YOU can (many others would love to but are physically unable to do so, every step further you take, think of how much it would mean to them if only they could do it)

Run at your own pace & never be afraid to walk if needed (it is not a competition, take your time and while you are out there take time to appreciate this beautiful world we live in).

Run because YOU want to (it is not easy starting off and you have to do it for yourself and not to please or impress anyone else)

Run for pleasure and ALWAYS join a group (if there isn’t one available get your mates to start wit you. It is so much easier in company and you will make friends for life)

Many thanks Fay for giving us your time!

Q & A with Macmillan volunteer Paula Randell

Volunteer Paula Randell is the driving force behind the new Presteigne Macmillan drop-in sessions. We asked Paula to tell us about her hopes for the drop-in sessions.

drop in final english

Where and when are the drop-in sessions?

The Presteigne Macmillan drop-in sessions are held at Presteigne Assembly Rooms, Broad Street, Presteigne, Powys, LD8 2AD,

Our very First one to be held on Monday 8th May 2017 then every second Monday of the month after that.

They run from 9am to 11am.

What can people expect when they come to the Presteigne drop-in sessions?

People attending the drop-in session should expect to be greeted with a friendly face and welcomed into a safe, warm environment. Someone will be ready to listen to any questions or concerns and a chance to have a cuppa and meet others in similar situations.

Why did you set it up the drop-in sessions?

I set up this drop-in session because I think there is a big hole in communication between diagnosis and treatment which needs filling, especially in our area on the border.

What do you think are the challenges for people living in rural Wales to accessing cancer information and support?

Living on the border is difficult because everyone gets diagnosed in Hereford or out of Wales. This leads to patients being sent home with a diagnosis without their doctor knowing at times, and not being aware of support available in Wales, as they were diagnosed somewhere else – leaving people feeling lost.

You are a very active fundraiser for Macmillan, tell us some of the activities that you have been involved with?

I started by doing the World’s Biggest Coffee Mornings, I was so impressed with how the event was organised. Then after a few years and with the Macmillan family being so friendly, I started to review hospital booklets at home.

Then I saw the Brave to Shave campaign and I thought !I can do that!” – and so I did! The support and reaction locally was amazing, I found I was helping people in a whole new way. I have recently done the new Murder Mystery night which was brilliant fun.

I found that people have started to seek me out for information so thought I’d make it easier with a regular drop in session.

Any future fundraising plans?

My future plans are to be open minded and just see what catches my eye next, though I am attending the volunteers conference soon so there will be loads of ideas coming up.

You are a great supporter of Macmillan Cymru Wales.  What is your cancer experience?

My cancer experience is probably pretty average. My grandparents had cancer, and my old friend in school lost her dad, but personally I wasn’t necessary directly effected until after I started volunteering.

Since then I have got close to many people with cancer, including my father in law and a great friend, Mick. I’m very sorry we lost both of these amazing people at the end of last year.

But this all fuels my energy to do more!

Thanks to Paula for chatting with us. Good luck with the drop-in sessions!

If you’re seeking information about cancer or just want a chat, pop in and say hello, then please come to the Macmillan Presteign drop-in sessions.  There is a wide range of leaflets offering practical information and support and it’s also a great opportunity to find out how you can support local fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support

If Paula has inspired you to volunteer for Macmillan, find out more on our website:

If you have any questions about cancer talk to our Support Line on 0808 808 0000 (open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm) or visit our website for information and support.

Sesiwn Holi ac Ateb gyda Paula Randell

Y wirfoddolwraig, Paula Randell, yw’r grym y tu ôl i sesiynau galw heibio newydd

Macmillan Llanandras. Gofynasom i Paula ddweud mwy wrthym am ei gobeithion ar gyfer y sesiynau rheolaidd.

Welsh final

Ble a phryd mae’r sesiynau galw heibio?

Cynhelir sesiynau galw heibio Macmillan yn Ystafelloedd Ymgynnull Llanandras, Y Stryd Fawr, Llanandras, Powys, LD8 2AD,

Cynhelir y sesiwn Gyntaf ar ddydd Llun 8 Mai 2017 ac yna bob ail ddydd Llun y Mis wedi hynny.

Fe’u cynhelir o 9am i 11am.

Beth gall bobl ei ddisgwyl pan fyddant yn dod i sesiynau galw heibio Llanandras?

Dylai pobl sy’n mynychu’r sesiwn galw heibio ddisgwyl cael eu cyfarch gan wyneb cyfeillgar a’u croesawu i amgylchedd cynnes a diogel. Bydd rhywun yn barod i wrando ar unrhyw gwestiynau neu bryderon a bydd cyfle am baned ac i gyfarfod â phobl eraill mewn sefyllfaoedd tebyg.

Pam wnaethoch chi sefydlu’r sesiwn galw heibio?

Sefydlais y sesiwn galw heibio yma am fy mod yn credu bod bwlch mawr o ran cyfathrebu rhwng diagnosis a thriniaeth ac mae angen ei lenwi, yn arbennig yn ein hardal ni ar y ffin.

Mae byw ar y ffin yn anodd am fod pawb yn cael diagnosis yn Henffordd, sydd y tu allan i Gymru. Mae hyn yn arwain at gleifion yn cael eu hanfon adref heb i’w meddyg wybod ar adegau, a heb fod yn ymwybodol o’r gefnogaeth sydd ar gael yng Nghymru, am iddynt gael diagnosis rywle arall – sydd yn gadael pobl yn teimlo ar goll.

Rydych yn flaenllaw iawn yn codi arian ar gyfer Macmillan. Dywedwch wrthym am rai o’r gweithgareddau yr ydych wedi bod yn rhan ohonynt?


Paula Randell

Dechreuais drwy wneud Boreau Coffi Mwya’r Byd. Roedd y digwyddiad yn cael ei drefnu’n rhagorol. Yna, ar ôl ychydig flynyddoedd, a chan fod teulu Macmillan mor gyfeillgar, dechreuais adolygu llyfrynnau ysbyty gartref.

Yna gwelais ymgyrch Brave to Shave a meddyliais ‘alla i wneud hynny’ a dyna wnes i. Roedd y gefnogaeth a’r ymateb yn lleol yn anhygoel. Canfyddais fy mod yn helpu pobl mewn ffordd hollol newydd. Yn ddiweddar, gwnes i’r noson Dirgelwch Llofruddiaeth newydd oedd yn llawer o hwyl.

Canfyddais fod pobl wedi dechrau chwilio amdanaf am wybodaeth felly roeddwn yn credu y byddai’n haws gyda sesiwn galw heibio reolaidd.

Unrhyw gynlluniau i godi arian yn y dyfodol?

Mae fy nghynlluniau i’r dyfodol yn benagored ac rwy’n aros i weld beth fydd yn dal fy llygaid nesaf, er fy mod yn mynychu’r gynhadledd i wirfoddolwyr cyn bo hir felly bydd llawer iawn o syniadau yn dod i’r amlwg.

Rydych yn gefnogwr gwych i Macmillan Cymru. Beth yw eich profiad o ganser?

Mae fy mhrofiad o ganser yn eithaf arferol siŵr o fod. Cafodd fy mam-gu a fy nhad-cu ganser, a chollodd fy hen ffrind ysgol ei thad, ond yn bersonol ni chefais fy effeithio’n uniongyrchol nes i mi ddechrau gwirfoddoli.

Ers hynny, rwyf wedi dod yn agos at lawer o bobl â chanser, yn cynnwys fy nhad yng nghyfraith a ffrind agos, Mick. Rwy’n flin iawn i ddweud i ni golli’r ddau berson anhygoel y llynedd.

Ond mae hyn yn fy ysgogi i wneud mwy!

Os ydych yn chwilio am wybodaeth am ganser neu eisiau sgwrs neu alw heibio i ddweud helo, yna dewch i sesiynau galw heibio Macmillan Llanandras. Mae ystod eang o daflenni ar gael yn rhoi gwybodaeth a chymorth ymarferol ac mae hefyd yn gyfle gwych i ganfod sut y gallwch gefnogi gwaith codi arian lleol ar gyfer Cymorth Canser Macmillan.

Os yw Paula wedi eich ysbrydoli i wirfoddoli ar gyfer Macmillan, gallwch ganfod mwy ar ein gwefan:

Am wybodaeth neu gefnogaeth gan Macmillan, ffoniwch Linell Gymorth Macmillan am ddim ar 0808 808 00 0 (Llun – Gwener, 9.00a.m.-8p.m) neu ewch i wefan

‘I always felt like I wanted to give something back…’

Jen Cooper was 19 years old, and at university, when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s
Lymphoma. After her diagnosis, Jen received help from Macmillan Cancer Support. In herblog, Jen tells why she joined her local Macmillan fundraising committee and why it is ‘hugely rewarding to be giving something back’.

Jen Cooper

Jen Cooper

What’s your cancer experience?

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma nearly 10 years ago when I was 19. I was in university at the time and had been suffering from a number of different symptoms including sickness, persistent cough, tiredness, weight loss and a rash.

I was finally referred to a specialist after developing lumps under my arm but I was displaying symptoms for over two years before I was actually diagnosed.

Being diagnosed was a massive shock but my family and friends were a fantastic support.

I moved back home while I underwent a six-month course of ABVD treatment.

When I started the treatment I actually felt better as I had become quite unwell with the symptoms I was suffering.

The treatment was successful, and a year to the date of my last chemotherapy session I ran the London marathon for Leukemia CARE.

I then had regular check-ups until Mark 2012 when I was given the ‘all clear’ and celebrated with far too much champagne!

Now I am a mostly normal adult. I do think I suffer with ‘chemo brain’ from time to time, and I don’t handle being tired very well but other than that I have no complaints.

I do worry that my illness might come back but I always tell myself that what will happen will happen and try not to worry about the things I can’t change.

Why did you decide to fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support?

Throughout my experience of being diagnosed, treated and living beyond cancer Macmillan has always been there.

It might sound cheesy but my hospital had a Macmillan nurse who had the time to tell me what my treatment was going to be like, and reassure my parents.

I was given financial assistance for bills I was unable to pay and even now I still find the Macmillan website a hugely valuable source of information.

I always felt like I wanted to give something back to help someone in the same position.

What tempted you to join the Cardiff Capital Macmillan Fundraising Group?

In 2012, I was contacted by the local Macmillan fundraising manager who had seen an article in the local paper for a charity bike ride that I completed for Macmillan riding from Nairobi in Kenya to a wildlife reserve in Tanzania.

I met Becs (Rebecca Parke – Fundraising Manager, Cardiff and Vale) for a coffee and she explained what the group did.  I was immediately interested!

It’s been great to meet people who have also been affected by cancer, and we can do so much more together than I ever could on my own.


Tell me a bit about your committee?

I like to think that we are friendly and fun! We’re a group of professionals who meet most months to discuss anything relating to Macmillan, from holding bucket collections to organising events.

What have the highlights since you’ve joined the committee?

Since I joined we’ve organised two pub quiz nights and two comedy nights among other events.

I always find these events hugely rewarding – certainly stressful at times with organising comedians, or raffle prizes. But on the night it’s always a great buzz to see so many people who come along, have a fun evening and donate what they can to Macmillan.

You volunteer to give your free time to raise money to help people affected by cancer.  Does it take up much of your time?

Everyone within our committee works so we all know that it can be challenging to fit in a lot of fundraising around our jobs. For that reason we are really flexible and there is never any pressure on anyone to do more than they can.

We just do what we can! Some weekends I might spend four hours at a bucket collection on a Saturday morning, and then I may not be able to do another for a month. It all balances out.

Has anything surprised you about being a member of the committee?

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to my first meeting and I was really surprised by the age of the group (average is around late 20s) and also have savvy the group was. We have a Facebook page, Twitter account, email account and even a blog!

What would you say to someone who was thinking about contacting their local Macmillan Fundraising committee?

I would say give it a shot. The Committees I’ve met along the way have always been so friendly, and all focused on a common goal. It’s a great way to meet people and talk about our experiences which isn’t always so easy. I also find it hugely rewarding to be giving something back. Just a few hours at a supermarket can raise hundreds and that makes it really worthwhile.

If you would like to find out more about your local Macmillan fundraising group, search our interactive map.



‘Roeddwn i bob amser yn teimlo fy mod i eisiau rhoi rhywbeth yn ôl…’

Roedd Jen Cooper yn 19 oed, ac yn y brifysgol, pan gafodd ddiagnosis Lymffoma Hodgkin. Ar ôl ei diagnosis, cafodd Jen help gan Gymorth Canser Macmillan. Yn ei blog, mae Jen yn dweud pam ymunodd hi â’i phwyllgor codi arian Macmillan lleol a pham mae “rhoi rhywbeth yn ôl yn rhoi cymaint o foddhad”.

Jen Cooper

Jen Cooper

Peth yw eich profiad canser?

Cefais ddiagnosis Lymffoma Hodgkin bron i 10 mlynedd yn ôl pan oeddwn i’n 19 oed. Roeddwn i yn y brifysgol ar y pryd ac roeddwn i wedi bod yn dioddef o nifer o wahanol symptomau gan gynnwys salwch, peswch drwy’r amser, blinder, colli pwysau a brech.

Yn y pen draw cefais fy nghyfeirio at arbenigwr ar ôl datblygu lympiau o dan fy ngheseiliau ond roeddwn i’n dangos symptomau am dros ddwy flynedd cyn imi gael diagnosis.

Roedd cael y diagnosis yn sioc enfawr ond roedd fy nheulu a fy ffrindiau’n gymorth gwych.

Symudais yn ôl adref wrth imi gael cwrs chwe mis o driniaeth ABVD.

Pan ddechreuais y driniaeth roeddwn i’n teimlo’n well mewn gwirionedd gan fy mod i wedi mynd yn eithaf sâl gyda’r symptomau roeddwn i’n eu dioddef.

Roedd y driniaeth yn llwyddiannus, a flwyddyn i ddyddiad fy sesiwn cemotherapi olaf, rhedais farathon Llundain dros yr elusen Leukemia CARE.

Wedyn cefais fy ngweld yn gyson tan fis Mawrth 2012 pan gefais y newyddion bod ‘popeth yn glir’ a bues i’n dathlu gyda llawer gormod o siampên!

Nawr rwy’n oedolyn normal, ar y cyfan. Rwy’n credu fy mod i’n dioddef o ‘ymennydd cemo’ o bryd i’w gilydd, a dydw i ddim yn ymdopi’n dda â blinder ond heblaw am hynny dydw i ddim yn cwyno.

Rwy’n poeni y gallai fy salwch ddod yn ôl ond rwy’ bob amser yn dweud wrth fy hunan am gymryd un dydd ar y tro ac i geisio peidio â phoeni am y pethau na allaf eu newid.

Pam penderfynoch chi godi arian dros Gymorth Canser Macmillan?

Gydol fy mhrofiad o gael diagnosis, y driniaeth a byw’r tu hwnt i ganser, mae Macmillan wedi bod yno bob amser.

Efallai ei fod yn swnio’n ‘cheesy’ ond roedd gen i nyrs Macmillan yn yr ysbyty a oedd â’r amser i ddweud wrtha i sut byddai’r driniaeth, ac i gysuro fy rhieni.

Cefais help ariannol ar gyfer y biliau yr oeddwn i’n methu eu talu a hyd yn oed nawr mae gwefan Macmillan yn dal i fod yn ffynhonnell wybodaeth hynod werthfawr imi.

Roeddwn i bob amser yn teimlo fy mod i eisiau rhoi rhywbeth yn ôl i helpu rhywun yn yr un sefyllfa.

Beth ddenodd chi i ymuno â Grŵp Codi Arian Macmillan ‘Cardiff Capital‘?

Yn 2012, cysylltodd y rheolwr codi arian Macmillan lleol â mi; roedd wedi gweld erthygl yn y papur newydd am daith feicio elusennol yr oeddwn i wedi’i gwneud dros Macmillan, o Nairobi yn Kenya i warchodfa bywyd gwyllt yn Tanzania.

Cwrddais â Becs (Rebecca Parke – Rheolwr Codi Arian, Caerdydd a’r Fro) i gael coffi ac esboniodd hi beth roedd y grŵp yn ei wneud. Roedd diddordeb gen i’n syth!

Mae wedi bod yn wych cwrdd â phobl sydd hefyd wedi cael eu heffeithio gan ganser, ac rydyn ni’n gallu gwneud cymaint yn fwy gyda’n gilydd nag y gallwn i ei wneud byth ar fy mhen fy hun.

Dwedwch ychydig wrtha i am eich pwyllgor – Codi Arian ‘Cardiff Capital’?

Rwy’n hoffi meddwl ein bod ni’n gyfeillgar ac yn hwyliog! Grŵp o bobl broffesiynol ydyn ni sy’n cwrdd fwy neu lai bob mis i drafod unrhyw beth sy’n gysylltiedig â Macmillan, o gynnal casgliadau â bwcedi i drefnu digwyddiadau.


Beth yw’r uchafbwyntiau ers ichi ymuno â’r pwyllgor?

Ers imi ymuno rydyn ni wedi trefnu dwy noson gwis tafarn a dwy noson gomedi ymysg digwyddiadau eraill.

Mae’r digwyddiadau hyn bob amser yn rhoi cymaint o foddhad i mi – yn sicr maen nhw’n straen ar brydiau wrth drefnu comedïwyr, neu wobrau raffl. Ond ar y noson mae’n wefr gweld cymaint o bobl yn dod, yn cael noson hwyliog ac yn rhoi beth allan nhw i Macmillan.

Rydych chi’n gwirfoddoli i roi eich amser hamdden i godi arian i helpu’r rhai sydd wedi’u heffeithio gan ganser. Ydy hyn yn cymryd llawer o’ch amser?

Mae pawb sydd ar ein pwyllgor yn gweithio felly rydyn ni i gyd yn gwybod bod codi arian a gweithio’n gallu bod yn heriol. Oherwydd hynny rydyn ni’n hyblyg iawn a does byth unrhyw bwysau ar neb i wneud mwy nag y gallan nhw.

Rydyn ni’n gwneud yr hyn allwn ni, dyna i gyd! Ar rai penwythnosau, efallai y byddaf i’n treulio pedair awr yn gwneud casgliad bwced ar fore Sadwrn, ac wedyn efallai na fyddaf i’n gallu gwneud un arall am fis. Mae hynny’n golygu bod cydbwysedd.

Oes unrhyw beth wedi eich synnu am fod yn aelod o’r pwyllgor?

Doeddwn i ddim yn gwybod beth i’w ddisgwyl pan es i i’m cyfarfod cyntaf a chefais syndod o weld oedran y grŵp (tua diwedd yr 20au yw’r cyfartaledd) a hefyd pam mor wybodus oedd y grŵp. Mae gennym dudalen Facebook, cyfrif Twitter, cyfrif e-bost a blog hyd yn oed!

Beth byddech chi’n ei ddweud wrth rywun oedd yn ystyried cysylltu â’u pwyllgor codi arian Macmillan lleol?

Byddwn i’n dweud, rhowch gynnig arni. Mae’r Pwyllgorau rydw i wedi cwrdd â nhw ar hyd y daith wedi bod mor gyfeillgar, a phawb yn canolbwyntio ar nod cyffredin. Mae’n ffordd wych o gwrdd â phobl a siarad am ein profiadau, sydd ddim mor hawdd bob amser. Hefyd, mae’n rhoi cymaint o foddhad imi fod yn rhoi rhywbeth yn ôl. Mae ychydig oriau mewn archfarchnad yn gallu codi cannoedd ac mae hynny’n ei wneud yn werth chweil.

Pe hoffech wybod rhagor am eich grŵp codi arian Macmillan lleol, chwiliwch ein map rhyngweithiol.

Cathy Simms: Why I’ll Go Sober for October

Cathy Simms is a cancer survivor and campaigner for Macmillan. Here she explains why she is taking part in Go Sober for October and just why the Macmillan Cancer Support is so important to her.


Tell us about your cancer journey and your relationship with Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales

Macmillan are a very special charity to me. When I was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in December 2012, Macmillan gave advice and support throughout my cancer journey including emotional support, advice on finances and particularly invaluable advice on cancer discrimination in the workplace and the law.

I was discriminated against by my previous employer because of my cancer. It was a very difficult, distressing, long court case where an international shopfitting company denied discrimination, and their solicitor and barrister insisted that I wasn’t disabled.

From the time I lodged this case I knew that there was a law that protected me against discrimination and always would in the future as I had cancer.

I won my case for discrimination and now have a discrimination judgement against this company…But the icing on the cake was when the judge summed up and addressed the barrister telling him that “he didn’t know the law” and that the law I had advised them all of did protect me and always would as I have had cancer.

Since my cancer and recovery I realise how lucky I am to have survived and have wanted to help raise funds for Macmillan to help others as I had been helped.

You actively campaign for greater understanding of cancer and discrimination in the workplace. But what made you decide to take part in Go Sober for October?

I have a demanding career as a self-employed retail designer and spend the majority of my img_8086time, often including weekends, either sat behind a computer screen or driving around the UK to visit shopfitting sites. As a result I don’t have time to exercise and have poor fitness levels.

Since my major surgery a few years ago I also find exercise difficult, so running, hiking, cycling, even walking great distances [to raise money for Macmillan] never seemed achievable.

I have always been a social drinker, enjoying nights out with friends, fine dining with a good wine and occasional drinking with my husband on the weekend in the evenings. However over the past couple of years this drinking has become more frequent and I have used alcohol regularly as a crutch to support me through the hardest times of my cancer and court case and subsequent money issues.

Although most of this is now behind me, when I have a particularly stressful day I relax in the evening with a large glass of wine, however these glasses became more frequent and I felt I was becoming reliant on alcohol that was affecting my health, particularly with a cancer prognosis, drinking so much was bad for my health and needed addressing.

How have the first two weeks of the challenge been going?

The first week was really difficult. I was so tired that I spent a lot of time sleeping when I could.

I had planned to also eat healthily in an attempt to lose weight but when the frequent cravings started I turned to sweet foods, devouring ice cream, chocolate and cakes, to deal with the cravings, that has worked but has not helping my weight loss goals!

I have had a couple of social occasions where I would normally have a drink; a trip to bingo with my friends when I drove and drank coke, a special Sunday lunch with my son when I enjoyed a delicious three-course lunch at the Celtic Manor and business trips where I have still enjoyed dining, but passed on the wine.

Do you think you will make the whole month or are you likely to buy a Golden Ticket to give yourself a night off?

I feel that a Golden Ticket would be cheating and need the whole month off. My friends and I have been invited to a wedding party next week and I will be the designated driver, where the passengers will all make donations. I have a steely determination that has helped me in my career and fighting my employers and am a very strong person, so once I put my mind to do something I will do it!

What do your friends and family think of the challenge?

My friends and family have all been very supportive as they know what I have been through fighting cancer and my employers and how Macmillan have helped me, so how important this fundraising is to me. They are also aware of how much I drink and that this is a very difficult challenge for me.

Are you feeling healthier for not drinking?

Yes. It took around 10 days to get the alcohol out of my system and am now starting to feel much better, with a clearer head and more energy.

Do you think taking part in Go Sober will permanently change your drinking habits?

Yes, I hope to just be a social drinker and on weekends in moderation, not every night as it had previously been.

For more information on Go Sober, or to sign up, visit the website

You can sponsor Cathy here

For information or support from Macmillan, call us free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm) or visit


Cathy Simms: Pam rydw i’n gwneud her Go Sober for October

Mae Cathy Simms wedi goroesi canser ac mae’n ymgyrchydd dros Macmillan. Yma, mae’n egluro pan mae hi’n cymryd rhan yn ymgyrch Go Sober for October a pham bod yr elusen mor bwysig iddi:


Dywedwch wrthon ni am eich siwrnai drwy ganser a’ch perthynas â Chymorth Canser Macmillan yng Nghymru

Mae Macmillan yn elusen arbennig iawn i mi. Pan ges i ddiagnosis o ganser y coluddyn graddfa 3 ym mis Rhagfyr 2012, ces i gyngor a chefnogaeth gan Macmillan gydol fy siwrnai drwy ganser, yn cynnwys cefnogaeth emosiynol, cyngor ariannol a chyngor cwbl hanfodol ar wahaniaethu ar sail canser yn y gweithle ac mewn deddfwriaeth.

Roedd y canser yn sail i wahaniaethu yn fy erbyn gan fy nghyflogwr blaenorol. Cynhaliwyd achos llys hynod anodd, gofidus a hirfaith, pan oedd cwmni rhyngwladol yn gwadu gwahaniaethu, a’i gyfreithiwr a’i fargyfreithiwr yn mynnu nad oedd gen i anabledd.

O’r adeg y cyflwynais i’r achos, ro’n i’n gwybod byddai’r gyfraith yn fy amddiffyn yn erbyn gwahaniaethu, ac y byddai’n gwneud yn y dyfodol hefyd, gan fod gen i ganser.

Enillais yr achos ac mae gen i ddyfarniad o wahaniaethu yn erbyn y cwmni. Y peth gorau oedd clywed y barnwr, wrth grynhoi’r achos, yn dweud wrth y bargyfreithiwr ‘nad oedd e’n hyddysg yn y gyfraith’, a bod y ddeddfwriaeth yr oeddwn wedi dweud wrth bawb amdani yn fy amddiffyn, ac y bydd hi bob amser yn gwneud, am fy mod wedi cael canser.

Ers i mi gael canser a gwella, rwy wedi sylweddoli pa mor lwcus ydw i i fod wedi goroesi, a rwy wedi bod yn awyddus i godi arian i Macmillan i helpu pobl eraill fel ces i fy helpu.

Rydych chi’n ymgyrchu’n benodol dros well ddealltwriaeth o ganser a gwahaniaethu yn y gweithle. Ond pam penderfynu derbyn her Go Sober for October?

Mae fy ngyrfa hunangyflogedig fel cynllunydd safleoedd manwerthu yn waith trwm. Rwy’n treulio’r rhan fwyaf o fy amser yn eistedd o flaen cyfrifiadur neu’n gyrru ledled y DU i ymweld â safleoedd gosod siopau, hyd yn oed ar benwythnosau,. O ganlyniad, does gen i ddim llawer o amser i wneud ymarfer corff a dyw fy lefelau ffitrwydd ddim yn dda.

Ers i mi gael llawdriniaethau mawr ychydig flynyddoedd yn ôl, mae ymarfer corff wedi bod yn anodd i mi, felly dydw i ddim yn ffyddiog y gallwn i redeg, seiclo na hyd yn oed cerdded am filltiroedd maith [i godi arian dros Macmillan].

Rwy wedi yfed yn gymdeithasol erioed, gan fwynhau nosweithiau allan gyda ffrindiau, bwyd da a gwinoedd da, ac ambell ddiod gyda fy ngŵr gyda’r nos ac ar benwythnos. Ond dros y ddwy neu dair blynedd diwethaf, rwy wedi bod yn yfed yn fwy cyson, ac wedi defnyddio alcohol yn rheolaidd yn gefn i mi yn ystod cyfnodau caletaf y canser, yr achos llys a’r problemau ariannol a ddaeth i’w dilyn.

Er bod y rhan fwyaf o’r anawsterau y tu cefn i mi erbyn hyn, pan fydda i’n cael diwrnod anodd, bydda i’n ymlacio â gwydraid mawr o win gyda’r nos. Ond mae llai o saib rhwng pob gwydraid bellach, a ro’n i’n teimlo fel petawn i’n mynd yn fwy dibynnol ar alcohol, a bod hyn yn effeithio ar fy iechyd, yn enwedig â phrognosis o ganser. Roedd yfed cymaint yn wael i fy iechyd ac roedd angen i mi wynebu’r broblem.

Sut mae pythefnos cyntaf yr her wedi mynd?

Roedd yr wythnos gyntaf yn wirioneddol anodd. Ro’n i mor flinedig nes ’mod i’n cysgu mor aml ag y gallwn i.

Roedd hi’n fwriad genimg_8086 i fwyta’n iachach mewn ymgais i golli pwysau, ond pan ddechreuodd yr awch cyson am ddiod, troi at fwydydd melys wnes i, a llowcio hufen iâ, siocled a chacennau i ymdopi â’r awch. Mi weithiodd, ond dyw e ddim wedi helpu o ran colli pwysau!

Rwy wedi mynd i ambell ddigwyddiad cymdeithasol lle basen i fel arfer wedi cael diod – i’r bingo gyda ffrindiau, pan yrrais i ac yfed Coke, cinio dydd Sul tri chwrs arbennig gyda fy mab yn y Celtic Manor, a chiniawau teithiau busnes â bwyd da, ond ches i ddim gwin.

Ydych chi’n debygol o gyflawni’r mis cyfan, neu fyddwch chi’n prynu Tocyn Aur i gael noson i ffwrdd?

Rwy’n teimlo mai twyllo fyddai prynu Tocyn Aur, ac rwy am wneud y mis cyfan. Mae fy ffrindiau a fi wedi cael ein gwahodd i barti priodas wythnos nesa, ac rwy wedi cynnig gyrru os yw’r teithwyr yn fodlon gwneud rhodd. Rwy’n benderfynol tu hwnt, sydd wedi bod o gymorth yn fy ngyrfa ac wrth frwydro yn erbyn fy nghyflogwyr, ac rwy’n berson cryf iawn, felly unwaith rwy’n penderfynu gwneud rhywbeth, rwy’n siŵr o’i wneud!

Beth yw barn eich teulu a’ch ffrindiau am yr her?

Maen nhw wedi bod yn gefnogol iawn. Maen nhw’n gwybod am fy holl brofiadau â’r salwch a’r achos llys, a faint o gymorth ces i gan Macmillan, ac yn sgil hynny, pa mor bwysig yw’r codi arian i mi. Maen nhw’n gwybod faint dwi’n ei yfed hefyd, ac yn deall bod hwn yn her anodd iawn i fi.

Ydych chi’n teimlo’n iachach o beidio ag yfed?

Ydw. Mi gymerodd tua 10 diwrnod i’r alcohol adael fy system, ac erbyn hyn rwy’n teimlo’n llawer gwell. Mae fy mhen yn glir ac mae gen i fwy o egni.

Ydych chi’n credu bydd cymryd rhan yn ymgyrch Go Sober yn newid eich arferion yfed yn barhaol?

Ydw – rwy’n gobeithio medru yfed yn gymdeithasol ac ar benwythnosau mewn modd cymedrol, nid bob nos fel o’r blaen.

Am wybodaeth bellach ar ymgyrch Go Sober neu i gofrestru, ewch i’r wefan

Gallwch noddi Cathy yma:

Am wybodaeth neu gefnogaeth gan Macmillan, ffoniwch Linell Gymorth Macmillan am ddim ar 0808 808 00 0 (Llun – Gwener, 9.00a.m.-8p.m) neu ewch i wefan

Mike Haughton: Mynd yn Sobr ym mis Hydref

Mae Mynd yn Sobr ym Mis Hydref/Go Sober for October yn herio yfwyr cymdeithasol i roi’r gorau i alcohol am fis er mwyn codi arian i Gymorth Canser Macmillan.


Dros y DU, mae 67,539 ‘arwr sobr’ wedi codi £1,717,655 i Macmillan yn barod – a dim ond pythefnos sydd ers dechrau’r her.

Un o’r rhain yw Mike Houghton, rheolwr codi arian Macmillan Cymru ar gyfer Abertawe a Chastell-nedd Port Talbot.

Mae swydd Mike yn cynnwys cynorthwyo unigolion, grwpiau a busnesau gyda’u hymdrechion i godi arian – ond mae eisiau arwain drwy esiampl a mynd ati i godi arian ei hun. Mae wrth ei fodd ei fod bron â chyrraedd ei darged nawdd, sef £150.

Bydd yr arian a gaiff ei godi drwy Fynd yn Sobr ym mis Hydref yn helpu Macmillan i barhau i ddarparu gwasanaethau yng Nghymru – lle bydd un o bob tri ohonom yn cael canser, ac mae dros 130,000 o bobl yn byw gyda chanser a’r tu hwnt iddo ar hyn o bryd – gan gynnwys ariannu nyrsys, ffisiotherapyddion, cynghorwyr budd-daliadau lles a’n canolfannau gwybodaeth yn rhai o ysbytai Cymru, yn ogystal ag ymgyrchu dros ofal canser gwell i gleifion. .

Mae Mike wedi bod yn cadw dyddiadur fideo o’i her – ac yn ddiweddar cafodd ei gyfweld ar Bay TV, yr orsaf deledu leol ar gyfer Abertawe, yn sôn am Fynd yn Sobr a’i waith gyda Macmillan. Cewch wylio ei flog diweddaraf isod a dal i fyny gyda’i rai blaenorol yma.

Mae’n dweud, er bod rhai adegau wedi bod yn heriol, ei fod wedi cael ei synnu bod pethau’n mynd cystal.

“Roedd wythnos diwethaf yn un anodd,” meddai, “yn bennaf oherwydd nad oedd fy ngwraig a minnau’n gwneud dim byd mawr. Dim ond gwylio’r teledu a gwneud gwaith tŷ roedden ni, yn hytrach na gwneud unrhyw beth newydd a diddorol. Felly gyda’r nos, ry’ch chi ’mond yn gwylio’r teledu, yn teimlo braidd yn aflonydd ac fel arfer byddwn i’n dweud ‘Efallai caf i ddiod’. Ond dyw hynny ddim yn bosibl.

“Nos Wener ro’n i’n gwylio’r Gweilch, y tîm rwy’n eu cefnogi, yn chwarae yn erbyn Gleision Caerdydd. Fe wyliais y gêm gyda lemonêd yn fy llaw. Roedd hynny’n wahanol, does dim dwywaith.”

Mae’n dweud nad yw’n gweld eisiau alcohol gymaint ag roedd yn disgwyl gwneud ac mae hyd yn oed yn meddwl y bydd yn cael effaith gadarnhaol ar ei arferion yfed.

“Dwi’n credu y bydd hyn yn newid fy ffordd o feddwl,” medd Mike. “Efallai na fydda’ i bob amser eisiau diod ar nos Wener. Dwi wedi torri’r traddodiad hwnnw.”

Mae’n dweud, y penwythnos diwethaf, ei fod wedi codi erbyn 6 y bore er mwyn clirio’r ystafell fwyta i’r adeiladwyr, i baratoi at waith sy’n cael ei wneud ar y tŷ. “Ro’n i wedi gwneud popeth erbyn 10 y bore,” medd Mike. “Roedd gen i lawer o egni. Ro’n i’n teimlo’n dda. Dwi ddim yn cofio teimlo mor glir â hynny ar fore Sul ers tro byd. Ro’n i bob amser yn meddwl fy mod i’n egnïol, hyd yn oed gyda phen mawr, ond mae hyn wedi dangos i mi nad ydw i!

“Mae wedi newid fy ffordd o feddwl,” ychwanega. “Dwi yn gallu ei wneud e. Efallai y bydda’ i’n yfed llai yn y dyfodol a gwybod fy mod i’n gallu cael hwyl ar nos Wener heb gwrw.

Wedi dweud hynny, mae’n cyfrif y diwrnodau cyn ei ben-blwydd ar 31 Hydref. Mae’n gwneud cyfraniad ychwanegol o £15 i brynu Tocyn Aur, sy’n rhoi noson yn rhydd o’r her ddialcohol i’r rhai sy’n Mynd yn Sobr.

“Mae’r bobl hyfryd dwi’n gweithio gyda nhw wedi prynu pryd o fwyd i mi, felly dwi’n mynd allan gyda fy ngwraig, ac mae’r teulu-yng-nghyfraith yn gwarchod,” medd Mike.

“A dwi’n mynd i gael potel o win.”

Gallwch wylio flogiau Mike ar dudalen YouTube Macmillan Cymru, yma ar ein blog, neu ar ein tudalennau Facebook neuTwitter

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am Fynd yn Sobr, neu i gofrestru, ewch i’r wefan

Gallwch noddi Mike yma.

I gael gwybodaeth neu gymorth gan Macmillan, ffoniwch ni’n rhad ac am ddim ar 0808 808 00 00 (dydd Llun i ddydd Gwener, 9am–8pm) neu ewch i