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Q & A with Macmillan volunteer Paula Randell

Volunteer Paula Randell is the driving force behind the new Presteigne Macmillan drop-in sessions. We asked Paula to tell us about her hopes for the drop-in sessions.

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Where and when are the drop-in sessions?

The Presteigne Macmillan drop-in sessions are held at Presteigne Assembly Rooms, Broad Street, Presteigne, Powys, LD8 2AD,

Our very First one to be held on Monday 8th May 2017 then every second Monday of the month after that.

They run from 9am to 11am.

What can people expect when they come to the Presteigne drop-in sessions?

People attending the drop-in session should expect to be greeted with a friendly face and welcomed into a safe, warm environment. Someone will be ready to listen to any questions or concerns and a chance to have a cuppa and meet others in similar situations.

Why did you set it up the drop-in sessions?

I set up this drop-in session because I think there is a big hole in communication between diagnosis and treatment which needs filling, especially in our area on the border.

What do you think are the challenges for people living in rural Wales to accessing cancer information and support?

Living on the border is difficult because everyone gets diagnosed in Hereford or out of Wales. This leads to patients being sent home with a diagnosis without their doctor knowing at times, and not being aware of support available in Wales, as they were diagnosed somewhere else – leaving people feeling lost.

You are a very active fundraiser for Macmillan, tell us some of the activities that you have been involved with?

I started by doing the World’s Biggest Coffee Mornings, I was so impressed with how the event was organised. Then after a few years and with the Macmillan family being so friendly, I started to review hospital booklets at home.

Then I saw the Brave to Shave campaign and I thought !I can do that!” – and so I did! The support and reaction locally was amazing, I found I was helping people in a whole new way. I have recently done the new Murder Mystery night which was brilliant fun.

I found that people have started to seek me out for information so thought I’d make it easier with a regular drop in session.

Any future fundraising plans?

My future plans are to be open minded and just see what catches my eye next, though I am attending the volunteers conference soon so there will be loads of ideas coming up.

You are a great supporter of Macmillan Cymru Wales.  What is your cancer experience?

My cancer experience is probably pretty average. My grandparents had cancer, and my old friend in school lost her dad, but personally I wasn’t necessary directly effected until after I started volunteering.

Since then I have got close to many people with cancer, including my father in law and a great friend, Mick. I’m very sorry we lost both of these amazing people at the end of last year.

But this all fuels my energy to do more!

Thanks to Paula for chatting with us. Good luck with the drop-in sessions!

If you’re seeking information about cancer or just want a chat, pop in and say hello, then please come to the Macmillan Presteign drop-in sessions.  There is a wide range of leaflets offering practical information and support and it’s also a great opportunity to find out how you can support local fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support

If Paula has inspired you to volunteer for Macmillan, find out more on our website:

If you have any questions about cancer talk to our Support Line on 0808 808 0000 (open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm) or visit our website for information and support.


Bu Cathy, sydd wedi goroesi canser, yn westai yn nigwyddiad Bore Coffi Mwya’r Byd David Emanuel

Mae Cathy Simms yn dod o dde Cymru ac mae’n fam i ddau o blant. Mae hi wedi goroesi canser, ac roedd hi ymhlith y gwesteion mewn bore coffi a gynhaliwyd gan y cynllunydd ffasiwn David Emanuel er budd Gofal Canser Macmillan dydd Gwener diwethaf.

Gwahoddwyd Cathy Simms, 48, i’r trydydd digwyddiad Bore Coffi Mwya’r Byd a gynhaliwyd gan y cynllunydd, sy’n dod o Ben-y-bont ar Ogwr yn wreiddiol. Bu’n siarad ag ef am ei brwydr yn erbyn canser y colon bedair blynedd yn ôl, a’r caledi ariannol a brofodd pan wahaniaethodd ei chyflogwr yn ei herbyn yn ystod ei thriniaeth am ganser. Continue reading

Cancer survivor Cathy is guest at David Emanuel’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

A South Wales mum of two who survived colon cancer was among the guests at a coffee morning hosted by Welsh fashion designer David Emanuel in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support last Friday.

Cathy Simms, 48, was invited to the third annual World’s Biggest Coffee Morning hosted by the Bridgend-born designer. She spoke to him about her battle with colon cancer four years ago, and the financial struggles she faced when she was discriminated against by her former employer during her cancer treatment. Continue reading

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning: Drømme kage/Dream cake by The Danish Bakery


Drømme kage, or Dream Cake, is one of Denmark’s most famous cakes. It originates from the small Danish town of Hjallerup where, in 1960, a woman named Jyette Andersen won a baking contest held by a large food company, with her grandmother’s ‘dream cake’ recipe.

The cake is soft and spongy with vanilla tones, while the topping is a soft, thick caramel and coconut combination.

This recipe has been shared with Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales by Betina Skovbro, who runs Brød, The Danish Bakery, which borders the trendy Cardiff suburbs of Canton and Pontcanna. Continue reading

Bore Coffi Mwya’r Byd: Drømme kage/cacen breuddwydion gan Brød – Y Popty Danaidd


Drømme kage, neu ‘cacen breuddwydion’, yw un o gacennau enwocaf Denmarc. Mae’n dod o Hjallerup, tref fach yn Nenmarc, lle’r enillodd menyw o’r enw Jyette Anderson gystadleuaeth bobi a gynhaliwyd gan gwmni bwyd mawr yn 1960, gyda rysáit cacen breuddwydion ei mam-gu.

Mae’r gacen yn feddal ac fel sbwng gyda blas fanila, ac mae’r haen uchaf yn gyfuniad meddal, trwchus o garamel a chnau coco.

Mae’r rysáit hon wedi cael ei rhannu â Chymorth Canser Macmillan yng Nghymru gan Betina Skovbro, sy’n rhedeg Brød, The Danish Bakery, sydd ar ffiniau maestrefi ffasiynol Tregana a Phontcanna yng Nghaerdydd. Continue reading

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning: Hilton Cardiff’s lemon meringue mug cakes and sticky toffee mug cakes

Cardiff’s Hilton Hotel is well-known for its mouth-watering cakes – both on its à la carte dining menu and its afternoon teas, which serve up triple-layered finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, plus a selection of miniature cakes and pastries.

Mark Freeman, the Hilton Cardiff’s executive chef, has recently been working on some new mug cake recipes, a quirky way of serving cakes in individual portions. Continue reading

Bore Coffi Mwya’r Byd: Cacennau mwg meringue lemwn a chacennau mwg taffi gludiog gan Gwesty Hilton Caerdydd

Mae Gwesty Hilton Caerdydd yn enwog am ei gacennau blasus – ar ei fwydlen a la carte ac yn nhe’r prynhawn, lle cewch wledda ar frechdanau bys tair haen, sgonau gyda hufen a jam, a detholiad o gacennau a chacennau crwst bach.

Yn ddiweddar, mae Mark Freeman, prif gogydd Gwesty Hilton Caerdydd, wedi bod yn gweithio ar ryseitiau cacennau mwg newydd, ffordd ddifyr o weini cacennau unigol. Continue reading

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning: Raspberry chocolate ‘free from’ cake by St David’s Hotel and Spa


Just because you have dietary restrictions, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a great big slice of chocolate cake at your World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. You just need the right cake to get your teeth into.

Luckily, Martyn Watkins, Executive Chef at St David’s Hotel and Spa – Cardiff’s only AA-rated 5-star hotel – has created this succulent raspberry chocolate cake, which is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and vegan. Continue reading

Bore Coffi Mwya’r Byd: Cacen mafon a siocled ‘heb rai cynhwysion’ gan Westy a Sba Dewi Sant

Dydy’r ffaith nad ydych chi’n cael bwyta rhai pethau ddim yn golygu na allwch chi fwynhau sleisen enfawr o gacen siocled yn eich Bore Coffi Mwya’r Byd. Y cyfan sydd ei angen yw’r gacen iawn ichi ei mwynhau.

Drwy lwc, mae Martyn Watkins, Prif Gogydd yng Ngwesty a Sba Dewi Sant – unig westy Caerdydd sydd wedi cael 5 seren gan yr AA – wedi creu’r gacen mafon a siocled hyfryd hon, sydd heb gynnyrch llaeth, heb glwten, heb wyau, ac sy’n fegan. Continue reading

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning: Raw chocolate brownies by Anna Loka


If you’re looking for a healthier option for your World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, then these raw chocolate brownies are the perfect choice.

They’re sugar-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, yet bursting with a deep, rich flavour from the lovely sticky combination of dates, nuts and superfood raw cacao.

You’ll often find them on the menu at Anna Loka, Cardiff’s first 100% vegan restaurant, which opened on Cardiff’s Albany Road in July 2015.

The name comes from the Sanskrit words anna meaning food, health or earth and loka meaning world or planet, with the restaurant offering an eclectic, healthy and ethical dining experience, without compromising on quality or taste.

Chef Adam El Tagoury has shared this recipe with us in support of Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. Continue reading