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Our response to the latest monthly NHS cancer waiting times in Wales

Comment NHS cancer waiting times in Wales month ending February 2016[i]

Today we have responded to the monthly cancer waiting times in Wales, which were published this morning.

Photograph of Susan Morris - Head of Services , Wales - Macmillan Cancer Support

Susan Morris, Head of Services

Susan Morris, Head of Services for Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales, said: “Macmillan is pleased to see that the target for non-urgent cancer treatment was met in February, but it is disappointing that the target for urgent treatment is still being missed by more than 8 per cent.


“Overall, the waiting times show that 85 people in Wales did not start their cancer treatment on time, which can cause a huge amount of stress for them and their loved ones at an already difficult time.

“This delay can also have an impact on the success of their treatment.

“We would like to see improvements under the next Welsh Government.”

[i]  http://gov.wales/statistics-and-research/nhs-cancer-waiting-times/?lang=en